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Comprehensive Bio-Identical Hormone Training Program

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Welcome Healthcare Providers!

BHRT has been practiced by tens of thousands of doctors over the last four decades. BHRT allows you to utilize your medical skills to make a real difference in the health and quality of life of countless people, both women and men alike.

We are pleased to present our acclaimed BHRT Training Program.

Simply click HERE to register and you'll get immediate access to the Training Center.

For free access, you can be sponsored by a current Personal Hormones subscriber.

To find a Personal Hormones subscriber in your area, please contact us at sales@personalhormones.com

Once you complete your training, we invite you to investigate the features of our wider Comprehensive program, which include:

  • Personalized Coaching Services
  • Marketing materials for effective advertising of your BHRT services
  • Extensive BHRT Educational material for your patients, including exclusive Audio and Video presentations.
  • Your own personalized Web-page
  • Web-based Patient Portal that allows your patients to complete Electronic Medical Interviews, Follow-Up Progress Interviews and maintian a Patient Diary
  • A full featured Back-Office Portal with our unique Patient Dashboard that shows you the progress of all your BHRT patients at a glance, and allows you to organize your own progress notes, lab results, tasks and much more!

Click HERE for more information about the Personal Hormones Comprehensive BHRT Program.

Principles of Effective BHRT Treatment:
...BHRT is a personalized service that encompasses the entire person, considers the effects of age, diet, lifestyle, stress, family history and other factors on the health of a person, and seeks to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to the individual needs of each Patient.
...BHRT balances by determining a person's unique hormone profile and then adding what is missing and reducing what is in excess.
...BHRT prescribes only what the Patient needs in the lowest required dose.
...BHRT prescribes only hormones that are replicas of the hormones in the human body.
...BHRT finds the delivery methods that are best tolerated by the patient and that produce the best outcome.
...BHRT seeks to treat the underlying cause of the symptom rather than just the symptom itself.
...BHRT seeks to create a partnership between Patient and Practitioner by obtaining frequent feedback, ensuring patient compliance and making adjustments to the treatment plan over time as required.
...BHRT seeks to create a knowledgeable Patient by providing educational materials and giving thorough explanations.