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Targeted Hormone Balancing with BHRT

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Program for Nurse-Practitioners


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Are you a Nurse Practitioner with prescribing rights?

If so, you may qualify to use the Comprehensive Personal Hormones Program for FREE!

Are you interested in attracting more patients to your practice or clinic?

Are you thinking about starting a full or part-time private practice?

You may qualify to receive our BHRT training - FREE!

Targeted Hormone Balancing with BHRT has been practiced by tens of thousands of physicians for five decades. Targeted Hormone Balancing allows you to utilize your nursing skills to make a real difference in the health and quality of life of countless people. The majority of BHRT patients are between 40 and 60 years old and are willing to make the lifestyle changes that you recommend.

Through our unique Internet based training and coaching program, we will:

  1. Train you
  2. Mentor you through your patient visits, diagnosis and test interpretations
  3. Be available to answer your questions
  4. Give you the following great tools:
    • Marketing materials for effective advertising of your new services
    • Extensive Educational materials for your patients, including exclusive Audio and Video presentations.
    • Your own personalized Web-page
    • Web-based Patient Portal that allows your patients to complete an on-line Health and Symptom Assessment, Follow-Up Progress Interviews and a secure Patient Diary
    • A full featured Back-Office Portal with our unique Patient Dashboard that shows you the progress of all your BHRT patients at a glance, and allows you to keep your own progress notes, lab results, tasks and much more!

If you are interested in making your current practice busier or are thinking of starting a part-time practice that can grow into a full-time practice, then take our tour by clicking HERE !

Personal Hormone Solutions

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