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Targeted Hormone Balancing with BHRT

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When you are concerned about your health, you shouldn't have to spend time worrying about your on-line privacy and security. The following is a description of the steps we take so that your privacy is protected:

  • Encrpyted Communication: From the moment you reach our Sign-In page and until you Sign-Out, you will notice that your browser displays a "padlock" symbol. This signifies that the communications between your PC and our Servers are encrypted using SSL technology so that others can't intercept or view the information that is being exhanged between us.
  • Automatic Sign-Out: Once Signed-In to our system, if no activity is detected from your browser for a period of time then you will be automatically Signed-Out of the system. This protects your privacy in case you forget to Sign-Out yourself, and reduces the chance that others who share your PC will be able to access your information.
  • No information is stored locally: All of the information that you provide is stored on our secure server, and not locally on your PC. This eliminates the possibility that others who share your PC can access your private information.
  • Strong Passwords: We enforce the use of "strong" passwords containing not just words, but combinations of letters and numbers. This makes it more difficult for others to "guess" your password. We also remind you to not reveal your password to others and to change it often.
  • Secure Password Recovery Process: If you ever forget your Sign-In password, the last thing you would want us to do is send your password to your Email. Once in your mailbox, others who share your PC may easily discover the password. To solve this dilemma, when you click "Forgot Password?", we send you an Email containing a single-use Password Reset Code that is valid for 24 hours. During this 24 hour period, when you enter the Password Reset Code correctly on our Password Recovery page, you will be directed to a page where you can choose a new password.
  • Secure Mailbox: The key to the success of any treatment is frequent communication between patient and practitioner. Rather than using unsecure, unencrypted Email to send private medical information to your practitioner, all messages between you and your practitioner can be conducted through the Secure Mailbox feature of our site. When your practitioner sends a Secure message to you, you receive a regular Email to let you know that your Practitioner has something to say to you, and then you Sign-In to your Secure Account to view the message through the Secure Mailbox.
  • Email Address Verification: When you create an account, we send an Activation Code to the Email address that you provided. When you receive our Email, you return to our site and enter the Activatation Code to complete the registration process. This confirms that you are the actual owner of that Email address, and it eliminates the possibility of mistakes if you accidentally supply the wrong email address at account Sign-Up.

Here's to your good health - in private!